Grid Tie Renewable Energy Setup

Little Things Matter. Changing switch plates, door knobs, and socket covers will give you more return on your money than large items such as replacing windows. People will notice the little things much more than triple paned windows.

Another important factor is the location of the homemade solar panels. Solar cells convert sun’s energy into electricity. Thus, the placement of the solar cells should be such that they receive maximum sun’s rays. Avoid installing your panels in an area that has many trees, as even a small amount of shade can reduce the amount of electricity produced.

Be sure to keep your receipt if you hire an electrician shortly before selling the house. You want to be able to show potential homebuyers that the property is safe despite its age. This can be a major selling point since home buyers will know that they will not have to immediately replace wiring when they move in. You may even be able to raise the selling price a bit, at least to make up for the cost of hiring an electricity expert, especially if you notice interest in the house is generally high among homebuyers. This is why you should let people know that you have had the wiring checked out.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you may want to go to such extremes as to have your whole house raised off the ground. Some also have built flood walls, which create barriers help prevent flood waters from enter your home.

How much does it weigh? If you will be carrying your portable solar power system in a car, this may not be so much of an issue. But if you’re backpacking, it is! You will probably want to get the lightest device you can which still provides enough power for your equipment.

Personable. It doesn’t matter how skilled or cheap a tradesman is, if you can’t hold a conversation with them you are unlikely to complete a successful project with them.

Day 180: House sold to happy couple. Said the first thing they were going to do, is open the living room wall up and expand the front room. They both have always wanted to try something like this, after all how hard could it be. I just winked at them with my one good eye.

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