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Photovoltaic cells are the cells you see in calculators. These are called cells or modules which are several or a group of cells connected electrically and put together in a frame = Solar PANEL.

Little Things Matter. Changing switch plates, door knobs, and socket covers will give you more return on your money than large items such as replacing windows. People will notice the little things much more than triple paned windows.

And as I mentioned earlier, this type of harnessing of solar energy is not fitted for homes. The Concentrated solar power system is only feasible for industrial companies to purchase and install because such complex machinery can cost for as low as 0 Million to build!

When you use your washing machine make sure that you have a full load and instead of running it on 40 degrees try 30 instead. This small drop in temperature can make a big difference over time and providing your washing isn’t very dirty you shouldn’t notice any difference. Any stains in clothing can be soaked in a pre wash first to ensure a good result.

When looking for said electrician, you should find someone who stands by his work with guarantees and warranties. This means they put their money where their mouth is. Reputation is important — you should never hire a company or individual to work on your electric panels without seeing what the consensus is in your community — but this is perhaps even more important. Even quality installations can go wrong. A part may be of insufficient quality and wear out in a couple of months. You don’t want to keep paying for the same thing.

Meet and chat with a tradesman before hiring them. You don’t have to like them in order to do good business together, but liking the person helps. There should at least be mutual respect. Also, if you’re worried about them throwing all sorts of jargon at you, bring along someone who knows a bit about the trade.

Use your air con regularly. Just like a computer, having your air conditioning on most of the time makes for less wear and tear than if you turn it on and off several times a day. When you turn it on and off, electronic components have to heat up and cool down, and so the metal is expanding and shrinking while it does that. Besides, they have a motor which uses a lot more power when it starts up, than when it’s running.

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